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About the program
Orthodontic 3-Part Elite Program

At rdhu, we believe bringing dental hygienists together to share and learn from one another can be life and practice changing.

Come and immerse yourself in a day or a weekend of learning new orthodontic skills and networking with like-minded dental hygienists. Look at things a little differently and open your mind to new possibilities.

The rdhu Orthodontic Elite Program consists of 3 courses, which can be taken together or separately:

  • Orthodontic Fundamentals for the Dental Hygienist

  • Advanced Orthodontics for the Dental Hygienist

  • Digital Scanners & Clear Aligner Therapy; Aligners, Attachments, and AI

meet your trainer
Liisa Moore, RDH

Liisa graduated dental hygiene in 2006 from Canadore College. After graduation she returned to her home town of Sudbury and began her dental hygiene career working for a local orthodontist. Throughout her career Liisa expanded her skills working as a temp in general practice, in an oral surgery office, as an educator, and even owned her own clinic. While gaining valuable experience in other specialties Liisa always kept her hands in orthodontics as this is her true passion in the dental hygiene scope. When not in the office, Liisa enjoys spending time her husband and 2 children.


Orthodontic Fundamentals for the Dental Hygienist

CE Hours: 12

Tuition: $649

2-Day Hands-On Course:

Dates: Saturday, September 28th & Sunday, September 29th, 2024

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST

Location: rdhu, 980 Fraser Drive, Suite 214, Burlington, ON

  • Close to the Hamilton and Pearson Airport!
  • A light breakfast and catered lunch will be provided!

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Course Description:

Are you looking to expand your skill set?

Have you considered applying to a position that involves orthodontics, but have second guessed yourself given a perceived lack of knowledge or skills? 

Perhaps your current role will be or has introduced orthodontics and you would like a refresher. 

Whatever your journey has been, or will be, this course will set you apart with the fundamental skills required to succeed in a fulfilling career in orthodontics.

Join Liisa Moore for this must attend, practical introduction to orthodontics to discover the fundamentals of Orthodontics for the dental hygienist.

Course Objectives:

  1. Discover the orthodontic experience from the new patient exam through to the retention phase
  2. Develop an understanding of the dental hygiene Scope of Practice for orthodontics 
  3. Learn the foundational terminology in relation to orthodontics 
  4. Learn the value of taking proper orthodontic records as well as the skills and knowledge to create them 
  5. Review and examine the classes of occlusion  
  6. Learn the components of orthodontics and understand the rationale and strategy of proper and efficient placement of brackets and bands 
  7. Wire sequencing and selection will be reviewed
  8. Unpack and review the mechanics of foundational movements 
  9. Review and analyze real-life case studies 

Hands-On Includes:

Stations which allow participant ample time and one-on-one coaching and guidance:

Station I:

  • Bracket Placement
  • Band Fitting (using a variety of sizes of bands to ensure proper size selection)

Station II:

  • Wire Fitting and Placement
  • Ligate arch wires using individual ligatures, power-chain and steel ligatures

Station III:

  • Fabricate and bond lingual retainer wire

Other Fun Activities:

  • Bracket Identification
  • Foundational Terminology Review
  • Instrument Identification and Indications for Use
  • Hands-on experience using a variety of orthodontic instruments

*Includes a take-home manual and ortho job sharing checklist!

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Advanced Orthodontics for the Dental Hygienist

CE Hours: 6

Tuition: $315

Date: Saturday, November 2nd, 2024

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: rdhu, 980 Fraser Drive, Suite 214, Burlington, ON

  • Close to the Hamilton and Pearson Airport!
  • A light breakfast and catered lunch will be provided!

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Course Description:

Join Liisa Moore as she takes a deeper dive into the exciting field of orthodontics and the role of the RDH. 

In this advanced course, we will focus on the “why” behind the “how” around orthodontic movement and mechanotherapy.  The rdhu Advanced Orthodontics course will walk you through recognizing orthodontic concerns and help you understand the treatment planning process behind resolving them. With the basic principles of bracket placement already within your skill set, we will explore the biomechanics of tooth movement to equip you to be a more strategic and confident orthodontic dental hygienist.  A variety of functional appliances will be discussed in depth as well as temporary anchorage devices (TADs) and orthognathic surgery.

This live, hands-on course is sure to ignite your passion for orthodontics and take your skills to the next level.  We recommend that you complete rdhu’s Orthodontic Fundamentals for the Dental Hygienist course first, but welcome you to join if you feel that you already have a solid foundation of the orthodontic fundamentals.

Course Objectives:

  1. Review and understand the history and progression of orthodontic treatment.
  2. Explore biomechanics and the biology of tooth movement.
  3. Learn about orthodontic force and how this creates tooth movement.
  4. Investigate the components of creating an orthodontic treatment plan and the role of the registered dental hygienists in this process.
  5. Discover a variety of functional orthodontic appliances and the mechanotherapy behind their diverse roles.
  6. Understand early orthodontic treatment options and become confident in recognizing orthodontic concerns at an early age.
  7. Examine the use of TADs (temporary anchorage devices) and how they have progressed the field of orthodontics.
  8. Analyze complex orthodontic cases and discuss possible treatment options for cases that include missing or impacted teeth.
  9. Review the principles or orthognathic surgery through real-case study examples and treatment outcomes.
  10. Through peer interaction, create your own potential diagnosis and treatment plan for an assigned orthodontic case within the scope of practice of dental hygiene.

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Digital Scanners & Clear Aligner Therapy; Aligners, Attachments, and AI

CE Hours: 6

Tuition: $315

Date: Sunday, November 3rd, 2024

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: rdhu, 980 Fraser Drive, Suite 214, Burlington, ON

  • Close to the Hamilton and Pearson Airport!
  • A light breakfast and catered lunch will be provided!

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Course Description:

The mysteries of clear aligner therapy are finally being solved!  Join Liisa Moore as she takes you through the 3 “A’s” of Clear Aligner Therapy: Aligners, Attachments, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Unpack these three key components and begin to understand the who, how, and why behind this treatment modality.  Discuss various case scenarios to understand how aligners are being used to treat mild, moderate, and complex cases and essentially alter the trajectory of orthodontic treatment.   You will have the opportunity to discover the importance of attachments, their part in tooth movement, and the role of the RDH in this phase.

Join us and learn how the advancements in technology and the addition of artificial intelligence are leading toward advanced results with advanced levels of patient compliance.  This Clear Aligner Therapy course will take an objective look at the possibilities and limitations of this amazing technology.  The use of 3D intra-oral scanners will be investigated as you get the chance to see this technology in action and witness the digital process of treatment planning.

Course Objectives:

  1. Discuss and understand the history of clear aligner therapy.
  2. Explore the various products available and the unique features of several clear aligner tray systems available in Canada.
  3. Investigate the materials used in the fabrication process of the various products and how these impact the technology.
  4. Understand how clear aligners work to move teeth and how their forces differ from traditional brackets to produce this movement.
  5. Analyze the biomechanics of clear aligners and how movement and retention are achieved.
  6. Review the different sizes, shapes, and styles of attachments and why they are important.
  7. Learn the steps required to properly load, place, and remove the attachment template.
  8. Discuss Interproximal reduction (IPR) and where and why this procedure fits into treatment.
  9. Investigate buttons, elastics, and other mechanics to understand how these are used to impact clear aligner therapy outcomes.
  10. Experience the entire process of clear aligner therapy starting with the 3D scan, the digital treatment planning, and the chairside delivery process.
  11. Become confident in delivering oral hygiene instruction to clients that are currently being treated with clear aligner therapy.

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3-Part Ortho Elite Program

Hands-On 3-Part Ortho Elite Program with Liisa Moore - includes:

  1. Orthodontic Fundamentals for the Dental Hygienist
  2. Advanced Orthodontics for the Dental Hygienist
  3. Digital Scanners & Clear Aligner Therapy; Aligners, Attachments, and AI

SPECIAL GIFT included! Oral B Genius Power Brush, a LM 'Mini Sickle' Instrument and more!

Value of over $1500 

CE Hours: 24 (Live Courses at rdhu)

Tuition: $1029

(2-Part bundle also available for Advanced Orthodontics + Digital Scanners & Clear Aligner Therapy for $529 - Click here)

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