Myofunctional Therapy:
A Practical Program
Course Description

Oral health is also airway health and using principles of the process of care, this program is designed with the objectives of identifying Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders and their treatment.  

Designed for dental hygienists, this program will give you the confidence to incorporate Myofunctional Therapy at an entry level in clinical practice.  

This 30-hour comprehensive online and hands-on program is intended for providers to practice myofunctional therapy safely and effectively with an understanding that knowledge and research is ever evolving in the field of Myofunctional Therapy, and as such provides the students with the desire to continue lifelong learning in the field.

The program consists of 7 weeks of online training one evening per week followed by two days of in-person training at our rdhu facility in Burlington, ON.

There is an online pre-requisite course that you need to take prior to the Full Training Program. It is a 6-hour online course: Mysteries of Myofunctional Therapy. If you haven't already taken this course, please email to receive a link to register.

The Dental Hygiene Process of Care is incorporated into our program and is designed for dental hygienists.

We hope you will join us on this journey!

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There are 4 components to this program:

meet your instructor
Joe Siegfried, RDH, Myofunctional Therapist

Prior to opening his own independent dental hygiene practice in 2019, Joe worked in a Temporomandibular Disorders(TMD)/Sleep focused practice since 2010. He became heavily involved in performing diagnostic evaluation and assessment starting in 2013 for both TMD and Sleep Breathing disorders and thus began his learning in airway focused dentistry.

Since becoming educated in Myofunctional Therapy in 2015 Joe has treated over 200 people with individualized therapy interventions and assisted chairside in more than 100 frenectomies in collaboration with a variety of dental practices.

The program at rdhu was developed by a dental hygienist for a dental hygienist. Many of the programs available as an introduction to OMT are broader based and some even allow non-regulated health professionals to take the program to practice.

The practical program that Joe has created for rdhu is 36 hours in duration. It starts with a 6-hour pre-requisite program as an introduction to Myofunctional Therapy and the 30-hour Practical Program involves 15 hours of theory-based learning (live online) combined with 15 hours of practical, hands-on training at rdhu in Burlington, ON.

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We’re dedicated to finding speakers that compliment and enhance our Myofunctional Therapy Program.

  • Dr. Mandeep Johal, D.M.D


    Connecting the Dots Between Tongue Ties, Myofunctional Therapy and Orthodontics

    Dr. Mandeep Johal was born and raised, in Toronto. She graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry in 2010. She runs a busy dental office in her hometown of Guelph.

    She is the first to open a Tongue & lip tie center in Ontario. Her commitment to lifelong learning ensures that she is always abreast of current knowledge, technology and techniques. Countless hours traveling for continuing education to learn from the best. She has completed 3 mini residency in Orthodontics.

    Her curiosity of the her son’s crowded teeth at the age of 3 led her to learn more about tongue ties, oral myofunctional therapy, airway dentistry, sleep dentistry, nutrition, TMJ and orthotropics, science of Facial Growth Guidance and Holistic Dentistry. What she discovered was that it is all connected.

    She is certified to perform laser surgery by the American Board of Laser Surgery. She is also a member of the International consortium of Oral Anklyofrenula Professionals and a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. In addition, as a AAPMD airway Colab Chapter President for Toronto, is building relationships with the community and collaborating with other long time and emerging leaders in the field. This has allowed her to build a collaborative approach on how she treats her patients.

    She feels very privileged to be apart of the family as their online Dentist. She feels fortunate to go to work happy everyday knowing she is changing people lives for the better, they can breathe better, eat better, speak better, sleep better and feel their best.

  • Joy Lantz RDH, PHDH, COM®, IBCLC


    The Multifaceted Role of Dental Hygienists: Nurturing Maternal and Infant Well-Being

    Joint Ventures: Navigating the Temporomandibular Joint Maze

    Joy has more than 25 years of experience in the dental field with a background in dental hygiene. She is a myofunctional therapist and lactation consultant in a local dental office. She is a national speaker presenting courses on anticipatory guidance, collaboration for patient care, and myofunctional therapy. Her passion is to assist dental and medical professionals to work together in screening and treating for oral myofunctional disorders and overall health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive lots of questions regarding the Training Program for the Myofunctional Therapy: A Practical Program, and would like to unpack these so not to leave you wondering!

For the Full Training Program...

Typically, in the past, dental hygienists would take their training in the States. After years of requests for rdhu to offer the training program, we approached Joe Siegfried, who is a RDH and a Myofunctional Therapist, to work with us on this!

Joe has created a fabulous training program! This is a program designed FOR dental hygienists as many of the other programs offered to other healthcare professionals outside of dentistry. The Dental Hygiene Process of Care for Myofunctional Therapy is included in the program.

Here is some information that we hope will be helpful!


We have created a hybrid program. Since this is a 30-hour course, the theory portion is online and the hands-on portion is a 2-day event with us at rdhu!


For the online portion, you can participate from the comfort of your own home. It is important that you attend the live sessions as it is a small group setting and videos are on. If you need to miss a night, we can send you the recording but it is important that the majority of these sessions you are live with us.


There is an online pre-requisite course that you need to take prior to the Full Training Program. It is a 6-hour online course: Mysteries of Myofunctional Therapy. If you haven't already taken this course, please email to receive a link to register.


There is a mentoring group following the session that is available to all participants who have completed the training program. It is always recommended that you continue with your learning and is expected from our regulatory college to do so. When you complete this training, you will be ready to implement this additional service/treatment to your clients.


Please check with your regulatory body that Myofunctional therapy is within the scope of practice for your State or Province.


If you are an independent RDH, you can implement this into your practice. If you are working within a dental practice, Joe shares strategies on successful implementation as he worked as a Myofunctional Therapist in a GP practice prior to opening his own dental hygiene clinic.


If you need a Payment Plan, we will work with you on this; however, we need the payment to be complete prior to the 2-day hands-on weekend.

*Once a payment plan has been issued, it cannot be refunded.


Upon completion of the program, Registered Dental Hygienists will earn the training to become Myofunctional Therapists and receive a Certificate of Completion.

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